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No matter which sport you are looking for, you will find the sharpest offshore sports odds from every league worldwide.

Our list of sport odds & lines for bettors is off the charts. We get sharp betting lines from top offshore sportsbooks. You’ll find point spreads, moneylines and totals for every event around the world. If you are looking for 1 st half, 2 nd half & quarters lines, adjusted lines, props and futures, we have those for you too.

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Best Offshore Sportsbook for 2024


Offshore Sportsbooks vs. US-Based Sportsbooks

With the legalization of sportsbetting in a lot of states in the United States of America, a debate has ensued. Why use an offshore sportsbook? The biggest reason to use an offshore or online sportsbook, is reduced juice. The large US sportsbook usually charge -120 for common bets, but you will find -110 offshore. Anonymity is also another important benefit of going offshore.